Fall Re-Opening Plan

TEAM Lucia Mar,

These are uncertain and changing times. While we worked toward returning to the classrooms this fall, it is not possible right now. All students will begin the year with Distance Learning. We will follow the guidelines set by the state before we move to Blended Learning, and eventually Traditional Learning. Team Lucia Mar is working to make distance learning a positive and educational experience for our students.

The information below should provide some clarity regarding what school will look like when we return in three weeks:

  1. The student ‘bell schedule’ will closely resemble the normal year. All elementary students will begin live, virtual instruction at 9:00 am. Monday-Thursday. Teachers will begin the day by taking roll, connecting with their class, and outlining the day. From there, students will be given assignments to do and teachers will meet with small groups. The rest of each day will consist of check-ins and additional instruction with the entire class, and continued small group instruction. The school day will end at 2:30 pm. Friday schedules will involve less screen time, with homework, individual check-ins, and other classwork being the bulk of the time. Recess and lunch breaks will occur every day. 
  2. For students at the secondary level, we will operate with a block schedule:
    1. 3 periods each day, starting at 8:00 am, 10:10 am, and 12:50 pm. Similar to above, each class will start with live interaction, roll, and whole group instruction, followed by a combination of independent work, group work, and additional whole class meetings. Each class period will be 2 hours.
    2. Fridays will work differently, with less screen time and more independent work/homework completion

While there are many, many more details to spell out in the coming days, we hope that this brief communication helps provide a general overview of the flow of each day. We are also working to establish after hours (late afternoon and evening) support such as: tutoring groups, on-call support for homework and/or technology issues, ‘story time’ with nightly emailed links from elementary librarians reading to grade levels, and translation services.